ECA Architects and Planners is a multi-disciplinary architectural firm located in Geneva, Illinois. Incorporated in 2006, ECA Architects and Planners has been consistently growing through lean years in the construction industry. The Principal, Eric Carlson, graduated from the School of Architecture at Iowa State University in 1992. Having a goal to start his own company, Eric spent his first few years working at various companies to gain valuable experience in as many project types and construction methods as possible. His choices have garnered him working knowledge in land development and master planning, residential projects of all sizes, and a wide variety of commercial project types. Eric’s unique path of working in both architecture and design/build construction has made ECA Architects and Planners highly effective in truly understanding the crossover between design and construction. Today, ECA is a flourishing company currently serving the Greater Chicagoland area as well as other cities throughout the state of Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana and Iowa.


Producing good quality projects is certainly at the core of our practice, but placing a high value on personal and accountable service is what sets us apart.  We at ECA are firm believers in treating our clients with respect. Simply put, we will return your phone calls, we’ll give you direct answers, and we will do our best to give you the absolute best project we can. A successful project is one that serves the needs of the customer and fits within the planned budget.  Our services are founded on the belief that every project must not only respond to the needs, goals and budget of our clients, but also respond to the personality of the client. Some clients enjoy a “hands-on” team approach to their project, while others choose to focus their attention on the business aspect and be less involved in the process.

Our goal with every project is to solve problems on paper before they have to be solved in the field.  We put a lot of effort into thinking through the details of a project and drawing any unique condition for the contractors.  We want the contractors to do their job, which is to build the building, not spend time problem solving.  A clean thought-out set of drawings will save money on construction bids, minimize contractor “extras”, and get the project completed faster.   We don’t select the easy option, we work to select the best option that will stay within your budget.

Why ECA Architects and Planners?

We provide the best value by giving you a solid, well thought-out design, exceptional service, and high quality drawings at a very reasonable price.

ECA is driven by the team concept. A principal of the firm provides professional and personal attention to each phase of service for the duration of the project. We assemble and manage a trusted group of engineers and consultants to match the unique needs of each project, bringing acquired experience and technical expertise to the process.